Chairman’s Speech

Dear colleagues and staffs, 
Firstly, thank friends from all sectors of society who care and support our careers all the time from my bottom heart, on behalf of all staffs of Zhejiang Tianyuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
Secondly, sincerely thank all staffs of Tianyuan for selfless work, hard work, supports, and coordination! When you work hard, I don’t know how to express my thanks to you in language. I only can say “thank you” over and over again. Just because of such “united and striving” spirit, Tianyuan constantly strives to become stronger. I am delighted at staffs’ every twinkle and smile and the factory’s every tree and bush. I am happy and proud of such colleagues and staffs.
How time flies! With the development of automobile spare parts industry, the history of Zhejiang Tianyuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd is more than twenty years. People in Tianyuan have built Tianyuan Company, and Tianyuan Company has cultivated staffs. Under the spiritual idea of “advancing with times, innovation, and constantly striving to become stronger”, it has created a brave cadre-worker team. There are new looks every year, and climb peaks every year. It has acquired brilliant achievements in material and spiritual civilization construction.
Evoke memories of the past while living in the present; look forward to the future, and shoulder heavy responsibilities. Tianyuan Company is making great efforts to create a superior work environment, easy and lively working atmosphere, and amiable interpersonal relationship, so that all staffs can throw themselves into work. And at the same time, the company hopes that all staffs can release potential abilities in Tianyuan Company and put their intellects into good use, so as to make contributions to our common cause.
With care of friend of all circles and join of all staffs, Tianyuan will seize opportunities, meet challenges, accelerate development, and create century glories!
Best wishes to everybody!

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